Q&A With Zach Shipko, filmmaker

zach shipko: hey

parker ito: sup
zach shipko: not much, just waiting to go to class at 730
parker ito: yea i didnt go to school at all today

zach shipko: did you skip classes?

parker ito: yea

zach shipko: nice

parker ito: well i didnt have to go to my second class

so i was just like fuck it

not going to my first either

zach shipko: good call

parker ito:
but we have this lame policy at my school

if you miss 3 times

you fail

and ive missed twice for all of my classes

zach shipko: oh wow

that sucksss

parker ito: yea

zach shipko:
at my school its up to the teachers

parker ito:
i think as long as you get the work done is shouldnt matter

zach shipko: yeah

but school has rules and stuff

parker ito: yea

so the film will be up thursday?

zach shipko: yeah

its sort of up right now

not fully though

parker ito: im giong to write a review of it for the essay part

zach shipko: cool

parker ito: but i dont want to watch the movie twice

since im coming to the premiere

and i think caitlin wants it to go up on friday night

so im gonna write it before i see it

zach shipko: haha


parker ito: i think im just gonna write about what i know about you

zach shipko: ok, watch tuckers videos

parker ito: yea

whats your middle name

zach shipko: watch apricot that one is gooood

my middle name is horton

parker ito: fav. color?

zach shipko: uhhh blue

parker ito: if you could describe this movie in one word?

zach shipko: sincere

or bad

parker ito: is it a self portrait?

zach shipko: its making fun of ourselves i guess

shit, these are hard questions right now

parker ito: do you want me to stop?

zach shipko: no it's ok

parker ito: ok c ause maybe i can just use this now

if its good enough

you dont have webbed feet do you?

zach shipko: nope
parker ito: yea

art schools are prime making fun of material

there is this girl at my school who sings and plays guitar

zach shipko: yeah

parker ito:
really loud

zach shipko: hahah

parker ito: and wheres fake hippie clothes

its beautiful

because its so embarassing

zach shipko: yeah my roommate is into fake hippie stuff

parker ito: ironicly?

zach shipko: she gets cool catalogs with clothes and stuff in them


parker ito: yea

hippies are always bad artists too

this other girl that goes to my school

ive seen her begging people for money on telegraph before

zach shipko: cool

parker ito: and she refused to drink water from the cafiteria cause all they had were styrofoam cups

zach shipko: that's silly

parker ito: yea but she smokes


she did her polluting

so it balances it out

fake hippies need balance in there lives

is there any boobs in this movie?

zach shipko:
not fully exposed

parker ito: sexual exploration?

zach shipko:
a little

but it's pretty innocent

parker ito:

zach shipko: yeah

a lot

and some creepy stuff

and some boring parts

parker ito: i hope someone cries during a critique