2009: Year of the Webcam

The webcam has come a long way from its initial use as a monitor for a coffee machine at a Cambridge, Massachusetts internet cafe. All risks of making trips to an empty coffee pot were prevented, while a portal was simultaneously opened into a new and viral self-discovery. The webcam made a comeback this year, with more and more electronics coming equipped with video capabilities. Though its most popular use is through video chat, we have found that its use in the vlog made some of the most intriguing net content of 2009. We've put together a list of our favorite vloggers of the year with some insight into the creation of and importance of each of the users. Though vlogging may seem limiting in some respects, the users we've been watching have made the webcam a firm platform for discovering multiplicities, enveloping these acts, personas and interests into an everyday practice.


The rethinking of human ... identity is not taking place just among philosophers but "on the ground," through a philosophy in everyday life that is in some measure both proved and carried by the computer presence.


✌ caitlin denny & parker ito


One of the biggest vlogger events to have happened this year, Pruane2Forever actually got to meet 50 after dissing him on his webcam.


Though he's been making videos since he was 14 years old, this 18 year old (he has started calling himself Reymon14.18) really came to some startling realizations this year about his video making. Many of his videos this year have been reflective, mentioning his style, his "touch" with his past videos, and reminiscing on his YouTube legend. Reymon14 has a league of devoted followers on YouTube, Facebook, Myspace and on his own website The Reyvolution. In his most recent video, Reymon gives his thoughts on the future of technology.


All we know about this guy is that he loves headscarves.




This woman has become one of the most prolific vloggers, even posting videos that seem to be mistakes. Though she speaks in English in most of her videos, she is completely incoherent through her raspy voice and thick russian accent. However, according to her video titles and descriptions, she is a political activist of some kind. We believe she may be involved in witchcraft, terrorism or both, and possibly on the Wanted list in Russia.


Chris was a kind collaborater on our piece Youtube Chillers (along with Scandalishious). He gained our attention this year for his lip synced versions of 80's hits and odd showtunes. He recently redid a lipsynching of a song titled "Dentist" leading us to believe he was either unsatisfied with his first version or wanted to give us a different style. Chris seems to be about 14 years old, living in the suburbs and having fun in his room.


Users were in a rage when Tonetta777 got banned from YouTube this year, but he's back with a vengence as tj1749. "Toni" dances to his own songs with a signature webcam effect on the corners of the screen.


JstChillin artist Zach Shipko uses his webcam as a method of endurance, which is what most videos on YouTube truly end up being.


Having only started in September 2009, ilovemyselfist has already gone through different 'periods' of videomaking. Her "Don't Flag This" period holds some of the most inspiring performance works on the net today. From there she moved onto her "Dark" period where she lost her dog and boyfriend and then broke her laptop for a month. Fearing her demise, or worse - deletion of her account - ilovemyselfist came back with her "Tell All" period in which she uses the webcam as a diary and archive of her thoughts and objects. Currently she has been making videos with her new Flip Camera we're betting on being called the "Ashley+Justin" period.


After working with us on a few videos, 18-year-old Daniel Martin of Ontario, Canada decided to abandon ship and persue his career on his own. We respect his decision, but he must say we miss his live TV commentary.