"Real without being actual, ideal without being abstract. Time doesn't exist when you're.... jstchillin!"


A year long revolving exhibition of two week solo sites with accompanying essays by Caitlin Denny & Parker Ito. Each artist will take over jstchillin.org for two weeks with all new work that pertains to the interests of chillin. The end of the show, Serial Chillers In Paradise, will culminate in a physical exhibition including all participants in a flow of energy on a groundless site.
October 3rd - October 16th/// JstChillin & Cody Blanchard essay
October 17th - October 30th/// Mitch Trale essay (click on the chillpill!)
November 28th - December 18th/// Jon Rafman essay (download catalog)
December 19th - January 1st/// Ryder Ripps and Jacob Broms Englom
January 2nd - January 15th/// Gareth Spor essay
January 16th - January 29th/// Guthrie Lonergan
January 30th - February 12th/// Michael Guidetti
February 13th - February 26th/// Cody Blanchard
February 27th - March 12th/// Ida Lehtonen
March 13th - March 26th/// Ben Vickers
March 27th - April 9th/// Nick DeMarco
April 10th - April 23rd/// Michelle Ceja
April 24th - May 7th/// Duncan Malashock
May 8th - May 21st/// Ivan Gaytan
May 22nd - June 4th/// Eilis Mcdonald
June 5th - June 18th/// Martin Kohout
June 19th - July 2nd/// Ryan Barone
July 3rd - July 16th/// Tolga Taluy
July 17th - July 30th/// Daniel Leyva
July 31st - August 13th/// Kieran Daly
August 14th - August 27th/// Bailey Salisbury
August 28th - September 10th/// Eugene Kotlyarenko
September 11th- September 24th/// Case Simmons and Andrew Burke
September 25th - October 8th/// Kkkandy