i had the wierdest dream last night. i was walking downtown when a space ship landed in the street, naturely i dove for cover behind a bush. thank you to dj orion for the road

i'm curious if the blue flames from the jets on the spaceship were in the dream? also, there seems to be some sort of steering column inside of the spaceship, is this something that you remembered?

to answer your questions, yes there was blue flames from the spaceship, and yes, i do remember the steering column was something i remebered. i remember the aliens comming out and there was that steering column

do you remember anything else about the steering column, like how it functioned, or anything else about it?

i just remember the steering stick was like a big joystick, controling the ship here and there

This model is from a dream i had. i dreamed it would be a home for a person in outer space. it would float out in space aimlessly. the person would get his oxygen from the tree and his food from different fruit and vegetable plants that he would plant before being sent into space. it obviously doesnt have all the things i dreamt about. in my dream there was a pond with fish and that is how the tree got its water. there was a dirt pathway from the tree to the pond and there were rocks that the person could sit on.

i'm curious what was in the dream that is not in the model? also, was the surface of the sphere visible like it is here?

In my dream, I was inside it, and the whole thing was floating out in space. I remember looking at all of the stars and seeing planets slowly go by. The sphere was crystal clear, but you could tell that it was there. It was so clear though it was almost amazing. There were also other spheres around mine. Each had one person in it. Oh yeah and the people in the spheres, including me, were dressed in white robes. Within mine, there was a huge tree, as you can see in the picture, and a stream. The whole sphere in its self was massive. I remember there being a little hut where supposedly I would go sleep. the thing that was most noticable though was that all the colors were so vibrant and deep. They were all earthy colors, but it was just so beautiful.

could you communicate with the people in the other floating spheres?

i dream i was in a toy heli copter and it was night out at mc donalds in the middle of nowhere it was so dark me in my co piloit flew up to see if we saw a town but it was to dark so we went back down and waited untill morning!

This is a dream I had - I was in Chicago (although the Chrysler building has replaced the Sears tower)and a helicopter was flying toward it. At that time I knew nothing about Chicago - but all the rivers and buildings were the same as the real thing!!! It's almost a miricle!!! Steady: point/read discription

modern apartment in dream

Jake's box of wonderous wonderment w/ a tear water

This is a model based off my dream. Hollow bodied shrimps float without bounds.

I had a weird dream a couple nights ago that there were lobsters and crabs (by Wario Ware Inc.) inside the pool! HELP ME! lol

My Weird Dream

A couple years ago i had a dream where i was ice skating in a frozen pond in the middle of nowhere and the pond was surronded by giant cliffs. When i was skating i kept making fiure 8s and it made a hole in the ice and i fell through and i just kept falling never landed.

a Factory inmy dream

I see it in my dream so I draw it

do you remember what kind of factory it was?

a Factory in my dream is my first model, I draw it after visiting a cement factory. I have thought about the woman with a little boy who lost her husband in the accident few years ago. In my dream, I could see her son was running after a tall man who have just done making a new factory, This new factory is the one I have modelled. So, it's a cement factory.

This model depicts one entrance to a mall, which was only one part of a long and complicated dream. In my dream I remember riding a very cramped "subway" system through transparent tubes all around a huge city. The subway cars were so small that I had to sit hunched over inside them, but we would squeeze ten people or more into a car - like being in a limo, but lower and narrower.

Toward the end of my dream I remember coming up out of the subway system with my family, and walking out into a plaza in the center of many skyscrapers. The plaza was like the middle of a roundabout, with roads and cars on each side. This mall was across the street on one side of the plaza - I remember walking down the sidewalk on the side with the extra door, then crossing to the plaza near the main entrance. It was noisy and busy, and I remember looking for a sandwich shop.

i am curious which details in the model came directly from the dream?

The distinctive shape of the front of the mall is what stood out to me most about the dream. The tall rounded section on the corner, and even the border of protruding bricks halfway up struck me as critical details for some reason. I also seem to recall that several feet back from the facade the mall got taller again, like a skyscraper. The red carpet I remember clearly from the dream, along with the three doorways and windows on each side. I may have invented the awning, and I'm sure I just colored it red to match the carpet. I'm sure there was a clock above the entrance, but I don't recall what it looked like; I lifted this clock from an earlier sketch, Waterfall Hotel. I definitely remember the whole mall and the entire plaza across from it being made of brick. I suspect much of this is subconsciously inspired by Pioneer Courthouse Square (Portland, OR) and the Nordstrom across the street.

What I didn't have the time or skill to depict was the Mexican Restaurant just inside the mall. If you swing around the back of the model you will see a large, sunken floor just inside the mall entrance. This was filled with tables with people eating at a full-service Mexican restaurant. A brass-colored railing stood at the edge of the drop, with steps down further into the mall. Unfortunately I woke up before I could get a table!

did you wake up and immediately make this model?

I started work on this model within a couple hours after waking up, but of course it takes a while to sketch these things (the curved and angled top of the mall gave me quite a bit of trouble) and I'm sure I invented all sorts of stuff in the process. I have no idea if the side door was in the dream, I just felt like it needed to be there.

this model is near exact ( not exactly since it is almost impossible to replicate a dream without forgetting small things) what i dreamt of. The whole school building is what i remember the most and especially that small room with the tables, though the tables werent exactly the ones in my dreams. the glass small room and the dark grassy walls you see through the windows were what i saw in my dream. the stairs leading outside was also something coming from the dream, though i didnt necessarily walk down them, i floated over them in my dream down near that beach like area like in the model. Oh and the blue walls are substituted for an open area since sketchup lacks the open area anyways :P so no those blue walls covering the model aren't what i saw in my dream.

Pretty much everything in that model is nearly what i dreamed of for the exception of the small tunnel connecting to the sink and the wooden tunnel leading to the final stage of the model ( I wanted to make the walk through a bit longer). Though there were some details i forgot to put since it was too much. For example in the bathroom area i didnt not put blood or two people on the floor like i saw in my dream. the sink that you come out of was suppose to have this vomit like flood in the sink like in my dream. Also, the orange store had shelves full of realistic toy guns

do you remember anything about the "hardcore store"?

the hardcore store was just a little detail i put in the store. It's a mock up on the store hot topic that i added since almost every mall that i know of has this "hardcore store".

Just a little dream i had....so i decided to sketch it up

once had this dream and i was standing outside a hotel called glensway hotel and when i went inside there was monsters danceing and when i woke up there was a danceing light on my bedside.

This design came to me in a dream. It's a pipe chase, on an angle of 35D. Measures about 28M long, and 5M wide.

In a dream I saw Steve Irwin's maniac cousin fire this exact weapon. It's a custom rendition of my original Angelclaw launcher that I designed a while ago. the rocket extracts Nitrogen from the atmosphere as it travels, splitting the Nitrogen atoms and using it as a fallout-free nuclear power source for its engines. It could power itself for an unlimited amount of time, therefore its range is unlimited. When I woke up I decided this thing was SO COOL I'd have to make it! Yay

did you dream this structure of the model of the weapon exactly or was it different in the dream?

Due, let me trply tpo you tomorrow because id Chrostmas dsam na ma ll messedup nd had too much to drink and never do thing... But today been drinking loads.

I love Lara, loadsd and loads, I love her, always will, she's my everythigng./

Will email you again tomorrow with a sobre reply but am all messed uyp at the moment. Christmas is fun, the only day of the year I get dtunked. But yeah

my first model for mars and myself...i had this this in a dream i had about mars...i know, horrible...

you dreamed this mars boat? you remembered these details and colors from your dream? did you go to mars in the boat?

ummm.... 1.yes 2.yes 3.no i was already there

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